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Sunday, November 13, 2011

It has changed

Today I wake up. Check my phone. No more morning wish. No more morning kiss. All gone. And my life suddenly changed. I'm alone and empty. How could I live without the one I love?

It is not easy. My undying love will haunting me. Emptiness surrounding me. Wicked eyes start to appear.

You are gone my Annabel!!!

I can't have you back. I can't breath. Miserable. And I can't start all over again. I am willing to find forgiveness for all my mistake.

So I will dare to take a chances. The violence kiss pulling me beneath the waves. And I start to screaming for help!!! I can hear you laughing watching me die. I am sure, it is you.

The beauty of love is such a darkness of sorrow. They chasing after me. And torture me. You will never know how it is feel. 

Because you are my nightmare!!!


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