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Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Know if She Loves You

Ways To Tell A Girl Likes You
  • Whenever you compliment her, her cheeks turn pink. If she blushes when you are around, it means she is smitten by you.
  • She shows public display of affection. Women are not always comfortable with showing affection in public. But if she runs her fingers through your locks, or strokes your cheek, take notice.
  • The way she looks at you with those dreamy eyes, is a dead give away that she likes you.
  • Check out her body language when you sit with her. If she sits with cross legs facing you, it means she is interested in you. Also, if she touches your shoulders or rests her palm on yours, it is a sign that she likes you.
  • When going out with you, she takes extra care to look good. She adds sensuality to her whole outfit combined with simplicity and elegance.

How to Know if He Loves You

Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You
  • He takes interest in your day-to-day life. He asks how your day was and feels concerned if anything is wrong.
  • His behavior suddenly changes when you come around. He suddenly mellows down and becomes a bit quieter while chatting with his friends. Dead give away!
  • He remembers almost every small thing that you say. It shows how special you are.
  • He calls up just to listen to your voice and gives a silly reason when you ask as to why he called.
  • He insists on meeting up every now and then and admits how much he loves being around you.
  • He is good with everyone, but with you he goes that extra mile to ensure comfort.

Are You in Love??

Your heart beats fast when you think of him/her.. You smile at the very mention of his/her name.. You yearn to spend every special moment of your life with him/her.. Suddenly a question that is worth pondering upon crops up.. Are you in love? There is every possible chance that you are.. Some of the sure shot signs that

Flowers Meaning

Amaryllis Lily
Pride and beauty

Bachelor's Buttons

I Love You in Different Languages

Afrikaans - Ek is lief vir jou
Albanian - te dua
Arabic - Ana Ahebak / Ana Bahibak
Armenian - yes kez shat em siroom
Assyr- Az tha hijthmekem
Alentejano(Portugal) - Gosto De Ti, Porra!
Bahasa Malayu - (Malaysia) Saya cinta mu
Basque - Maite Zaitut
Bengali - Ami Tomake Bahlobashi
Bavarian - I mog di
Bisaya - Nahigugma ko nimo
Bosnian - Ja te volim (formally) or volim-te
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Bulgarian - Obicham te
Burmese- chit pa de
Cantonese - Ngo Oi Nei
Chinese - gnoy oy na
Goi Oi Lei (Hongkong)
Wa Ai Li (Taiwan)
Cambodian - Bon sro lanh oon
Catalan - T'estim (mallorcan)
Croatian - LJUBim te
Czech - miluji te
Danish- Jeg elsker dig
Dutch - Ik hou van jou
English - I love you
Esperanto - Mi amas vim

Meaning of Roses

1 Rose
Exceptional love all concentrated on you.

2 Roses
Two of us deeply in love.

3 Roses
I love you.

6 Roses
I want to be yours.

9 Roses
Love each other eternally.

The Blind Girl

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.
One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she could see everything, including her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend asked her, "now that you can see the world, will you marry me?" The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him.
Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying..... "Just take care of my eyes dear." i'll always love you forever..

Escape The Fate - Ashley

Shadows fall on yesterday,
its like time just slips away.
I'm nothing, darkness follows me.

The dawn, it never shows its head.
I'm left dying here instead with nothing,
a lock without a key.

Like the brightest star you shine through.
Ashley, baby, you make me feel so alive.
I've got purpose once again.
Yeah, yeah.
Ashley, baby, you make me feel so alive.
I've got purpose once again.
Yeah, yeah.
(I've got purpose once again.)

If looks could kill you'd be the one,
that takes my world and makes me numb.
I'm nothing, without you i can't breathe.
(I can't breathe.)
And as the sunlight burns the sky,
I see through my obsessive eyes.
I'm nothing, without you i can't see.

The Blogger

Eyes Set To Kill - Come Home lyrics

We say it's okay to leave it alone
But i want u to notice
This case isn't closed
Doors are open
The lights are left on
And there's never a night I sleep
With the dreams that I'd have if u never decided
Decided to leave
Decided to leave...
There's never an ounce that I breathe
Without thinking about
Who i could have been with you
There's never an ounce that I breathe
Without thinking about
Who I could have been if you didn't leave

The phone's been patient to hear your call
But you never touched the dial
You never touched the dial, now I know
There's someone I wish walked through these halls
But you'll never take the chance to come home
So come home

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes

Letters start with ABC.
numbers start with 123.
music starts with do-re-mi.
and love starts with you and me.

An image shows the beauty on the outside, not the inside.

Real love stories
n e v e r h a v e h a p p y e n d i n g s
because real love stories
n e v e r e n d

She might say she hates him
but inside she would die without him

People haven't always
been there for me;
but music always has.


Love Quotes

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart.
Don’t try to reach God with your understanding; that is impossible. Reach him in love; that is possible.
Carlo Carretto
The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.
Love fails, only when we fail to love.
J. Franklin
Hold my hand and I’ll take you there, somehow, someday, somewhere.
West Side Story
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach…
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Free love is priced right.
Edward Abbey
If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go.
Love is saying “I feel differently,” instead of “You’re wrong.
When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.
Mark Twain


Famous Love Quotes

Love is also like a coconut which is good while it is fresh, but you have to spit it out when the juice is gone, what’s left tastes bitter.

We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end.

Love means having to say you’re sorry every five minutes.

She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes.

If you love someone you say it, You say it right then, out loud, Or the moment just passes you by.

The Moment

When the sun go down, the birds fly to the nest, I found something that never tear me apart.. Yeah.. The missing moment.. The moment when we're together.. We fall and pretend that was never hurt, we sharing things, joking around, and I can't catch that moment on my hand.. Really!! It was pretty sick enough when you lay on your bed and your tears don't stop to fall..

And now, I just want you to be on my side.. Accompany me when I'm alone.. When I'm depressed.. Cause this world is heavy without you.. I'm just love you.. I'm just have you.. I missing you so damn much.. Half-dead.. I just want you to know that I miss you.. Come back to me!! Come back for me!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Newborn Love??

How bout we think and think to the future, just make believe that there are other love waiting for us.. It was very helpful for those that have being abandoned, leaved and of course it is not easy to let their heart taken by anyone.. My self either.. I had so many damn feeling bout this.. And I forgive easily.. Revenge is nothing to do with it.. Suddenly when sun comes, I can see bright lights.. From far away.. It kills all my pain, my shitty life, and give me a new strength to move on.. Just move on.. Even my legs are broken.. I will keep walking till I reach the meaning of my life.. I have newborn love.. Everybody loves me..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Better of with you.. Better of without you..

Its been a long time together and I don't give a damn bout it.. Yeah.. Happy never ending.. I guess.. But recently I can see the very predictable things in you.. Funny but killing me.. How I'm gonna live like this?? Pretending I'm okay like kids that have been given the candy or ice-cream..?? So this is a life about.. We go on circles.. And we don't have to compromise.. All I wanted was you.. Don't you get that?? Stop playing like a baby cause I don't give you an extra credit on that.. I want to know the truth.. Me or him?? You're not supposed to do that.. You have to choose one.. Only one!! And then I will respect all your fucking decision.. I don't need a mercy.. Or everything hold on that.. But I can confess that you're part of my life.. You bring me a light.. Cheer my day up.. But suddenly you bring the hurricane.. Destroy everything that we have build.. Can't you see?? Open your eyes!! Wider and wider.. Cause there you can see a person.. ME.. Suffocating.. Suffered.. And begging for you.. If you can't see, I guess you better leave then..

Try to understand

I don't care how far you go to get away from the past.. But the past isn't just bring the coincidence, crush feeling and the darkness.. Feel the very lovers way.. Cant u see the sacrifice we do to untied our hand from being tortured in the pool of love?? All we do is to make sure the curiosity, unfaithful, and dissatisfaction stop playing beneath our heart.. You ask for this first and never regret what u have done.. You know, how many times you've do that to me??!! How many times??? Its uncountable!! As a normal human being, I have a feeling 2.. Same as yours.. And when I keep silent,, I cant b the Mr.Pushover for it anymore.. I don't wanna push you.. Don't wanna force you to love me.. But in the fact,, I just want you to know,, my heart for u will never change.. I'm still waiting for you no matter what it takes.. I miss u.. I miss the moment.. We are together.. Saying silly things and joking around.. You must learn to appreciate that moment..Love you so damn much..


When someone said a very bad word to you.. And then sometimes say that she/he loves you.. What is the meaning of that?? What is the point?? Very disappointing and pathetic.. Not once but more than that.. Can we be more patient and pretend to not hurt when they act like that??? Fuhh,, I cant even imagine how could she kill me with that disease.. Waiting for something you can never have.. And pointing by yourself asking a stupid question.. Why?! Why?! Why???! You cant let go of.. But in reality,, you give yourself a lie..