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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Better of with you.. Better of without you..

Its been a long time together and I don't give a damn bout it.. Yeah.. Happy never ending.. I guess.. But recently I can see the very predictable things in you.. Funny but killing me.. How I'm gonna live like this?? Pretending I'm okay like kids that have been given the candy or ice-cream..?? So this is a life about.. We go on circles.. And we don't have to compromise.. All I wanted was you.. Don't you get that?? Stop playing like a baby cause I don't give you an extra credit on that.. I want to know the truth.. Me or him?? You're not supposed to do that.. You have to choose one.. Only one!! And then I will respect all your fucking decision.. I don't need a mercy.. Or everything hold on that.. But I can confess that you're part of my life.. You bring me a light.. Cheer my day up.. But suddenly you bring the hurricane.. Destroy everything that we have build.. Can't you see?? Open your eyes!! Wider and wider.. Cause there you can see a person.. ME.. Suffocating.. Suffered.. And begging for you.. If you can't see, I guess you better leave then..


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