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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Confession of a Broken Heart

Sometimes we feel happy and sometimes we are not.. Have you try to climb the hill and then you fall.. You try over and over again.. But still you fall.. I'm losing control.. You destroying me!!! I have my hope to you.. But you crush it with your feet..
I'm waiting to be with you again..For a long period,, my waiting is useless.. Why am I waiting for you.. It is my foolish mistake.. And you just smiling there and I'm realize I'm just a victim to your game of lies.. I was wrong..

The Queen that became a beast
How its feel like when your ex have a new lover.. He/she have a better 'packages' than yours.. In time you were still hoping that they could accept you again.. It is to little to late.. It is like you sitting on the bench,, they have throwing you with rotten eggs.. So pathetic for me..He/she was never be the person you know before.. Quietly,, you screaming for help.. They said I'm running and hunting something that so perfect.. I will buy that.. So,, it washed away!!!!! NO HOPE AND YOU LOST!!!!


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