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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Leave me? Hurt me? Why don't you kill me??!!!

I may not qualified to have your love.

I am so tired. Maybe I am not born to be loved. It was so damn hurt. Can't you see my aching body?

It starving for you. But you didn't realize. Say your last goodbye, I will have the pain. So it seems that we were nothing.

 I'm giving up!

Are you happy now?

I am just a victim of your game. Foolish and helpless!
Are you feel satisfied enough? I wish that I could let go.
I'm lost in your beautiful trance.

Suddenly I'm floating so far from you. I dare not say. 
My hope is slipping away. I tear myself! I tear myself from the beaten path!

Never look back!

My dream slip away. Can't you see? This tears, knifes and blood. It wont stop. Because I am ready to left. I will not try to reach something that I can not have anymore. Let my dreams burn and leaving an ashes.

 My love, you torture me.Thank you for this wound.
My heart crumpled like a piece of paper. 

And it can not be fixed again.


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