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Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm a victim ( I'm always wrong)

It was hurt when the one you love don't have a trust on you.
You have try your best to make he/she count on you whatever what situation.
It happened to me. I don't know what's wrong with her. No trust at all.

Even is just a small matter, she will let negative thinking possessed her way of thinking.
She will be mad. No tolerance.

For example, I received a call or text message from unknown number (that I really don't know).
She will consider it as my other girlfriend. No prove at all to ensure her slander.

But hell no!!! I love her so much. How could she think like that?

It became unfair when she received a call from the one I really know, her secret admire.
I can let her talk to him because I had to understand her even it is so killing me.

I still have my patience. I am dare to put 100% trust on her.
I want to get out from this hell!!!
But I can't. The more I want to, the more I feel the pain.

Sometimes I feel like a doll that she could do anything she want.

From now on, I'm just need to be strong and accept whatever it takes to make her happy.
Doesn't matter if I must die. Just want to see her smile.I don't care if she's not give a fuck about my sacrifice.

Please let me know if you have satisfied my Annabel.


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