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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Love Letter

Dear ....,

I know I’d never write you a love letter before. But this is the first and the last letter you get. Cause, I’m probably dead when you read this letter.
Since 2009 I know you, I meet you and I love you. Love you more than anything else. Everything in my life has changed. So are you. You change my life so beautifully. You make me forget about my world. I’m just thinking about you. You are my life. Not a part of my life. And when you’re gone, I’m totally dead.
Sorry for disturbing you with the absence of this letter. This is my pathetic letter. Maybe this letters just a trash for you now. I don’t care at all. My dying wish for you is to see you happy and stay beautiful as you with me. Cheers with your family and your boyfriend. I hate to say that. Don’t let you parents down. They want the best for you and they love you so much. And try to love your boyfriend as you love me. Love him better. Better than me. Cause I’m lost already.

And now is 2011. 2 years mean a lot to me. We have done everything together. We have through everything together. You are perfect for me. You are cute, beautiful, kind and soft. Every single bad thing I have said to you is a fake. I don’t mean that. Cause I don’t want you to know the reality. Deep in my heart you are my angel. I can’t imagine how far I can walk after this. I don’t have my strength. I don’t have my soul and my courage. They have gone. Fly away with you dear. And I can’t imagine how much I will suffer without the touch of your goodness, your care, your tenderness and your spirit.
Sorry if I write this letter too far too long. This is all I can do to tell my heart to let you go. We have been together for 2 years and I’m happy with that. We smile together, we cry together, we walk together, and we eat together. You were a gift from God to me. God let me love you. I’d be grateful. And I wish it will be forever. Unfortunately, we are not mean to be together. At this point, we fall apart.
I’m having the day from hell. It was all going so well. And you tell me you needed space. With a kiss on my lips, I wipe my tears. I need attention to stop temptation to scream. Everything is left up straight from the heart. Tell me what you do. I must pick myself where do I start. Cause I can’t turn to you anymore.
Can it be easier? Can I just change my life? Cause it just seems to go bad every time. Will I be mending? Another one ending happened once again. I’m not getting up cause things are messed up. I will cry every day and I hope when I woke up, it is just a dream. But it wasn’t a dream. I always can smell the smell of your hair when I sleep. When I close my eyes, your face appears on my sight. I can’t do anything but nothing.

I’m sorry for disappointing you. I’d never meant to break your heart and feeling.. I’m sorry for everything bad I have done to you. I’m not perfect as you want. I don’t deserve you more than him. Take care of him and your family. I can’t write anymore. Cause I can’t see with the tears in my eyes. That’s all from me dear. Happy always and never stop loving your loves one.

 The Miserable                                                                                                  
     ..... .....                  



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