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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thousand of Broken Heart

Now you are not here. I still remember all your words.
My life incomplete. I will whisper to you. That I still need you.

When are you going to send a letter for me.
I kept waiting for the arrival of love words.

A thousand of broken heart. When thinking about what we have build together.
I am shaking. I am wet with tears. I should forget, and you have to go.

Letting you go is like a suicide.
But I still feel the warmness of your touch. Your smile.

How cruel you leave me with the notes. I can't accept the absence.
It was hurt. I will burn all memories with you.

You're my darling. And you will be always mine.
And now I am ready to let go. You can go wherever you want.
There must be a lesson for you and me.

My last words to you .
Goodbye and just go...


Adiee Mitchee said...

i can tell that u've just broke up with your girlfriend, is it ?

percy | vengeance said... was a long story..but I can't even forget her until now..

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