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Monday, November 7, 2011

Power of Love

Love is full of magic. We can feel the miracles and we can have various feeling with love. Sometimes it was just a fairy tale and it just another way to bleed. When it comes near to you, you cant feel outside world cause love makes its own world. Forget everything and you will feel more alive.. You can do something impossible with love.. See how powerful love are. And love can make you fall anytime. So I am dare to say love needs strength. Need more strength than you pulling out a truck from falling. I rather hit by a car and feel hurt than feel hurt after fail in love. Love is such a silence suicide. You cant feel it cause it will act like a Chameleon. Camouflage and pretend to be your worlds heaven.

Love is like a music. Different tone and story. It can be a drama. Sometimes fake and sometimes pure. We are like music. We will play our role until we can feel the soul.

So, love your LOVE. Cause sometimes you will beg for it once it gone.


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