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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Blogger

Hello all.. My name is Percy Vengeance.. Call Percy and don't beg for mercy.. Hehe.. Anyway I'm just start in blogging and I've many million things that I don't even know.. Just sharing with me.. Teach me!! Tell me!! Cause I bet that is the best for me..

I am a student of local medical college.. Diploma in Healthcare.. And I just know that what I have do right now wasn't fit with my course.. Haha.. Nevermind.. It will never stop me in everything I do.. I am crazy sometimes.. Love photography so much.. My time is waste by taking picture.. When I got the time for sure.. Hehe..

Like to makes more friends.. And I hate the haters!!! The hypocrites!! I just want to kill that kind of human being..

So, I'm just want a love, be loved and loving.. Doesn't matter with who.. Boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family.. And the most important, we most love God..

LOVE never stops loving.. Let's open our wings and fly with passion!!! Cause you are the way you are, and LOVE not choosing people.. It can be anyone that can fall in LOVE..


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