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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Try to understand

I don't care how far you go to get away from the past.. But the past isn't just bring the coincidence, crush feeling and the darkness.. Feel the very lovers way.. Cant u see the sacrifice we do to untied our hand from being tortured in the pool of love?? All we do is to make sure the curiosity, unfaithful, and dissatisfaction stop playing beneath our heart.. You ask for this first and never regret what u have done.. You know, how many times you've do that to me??!! How many times??? Its uncountable!! As a normal human being, I have a feeling 2.. Same as yours.. And when I keep silent,, I cant b the Mr.Pushover for it anymore.. I don't wanna push you.. Don't wanna force you to love me.. But in the fact,, I just want you to know,, my heart for u will never change.. I'm still waiting for you no matter what it takes.. I miss u.. I miss the moment.. We are together.. Saying silly things and joking around.. You must learn to appreciate that moment..Love you so damn much..


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