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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fairy Tale Love

I'd never imagine a love like this. Never dream it possible for such a love to find me. I'd never think there was someone for me out there..Will never in my life..I stepped outside of my own little world.. And I couldn't believe what I found..

I was a sophomore..She was a junior..We both ran track - her first year and my second..

She was beautiful, flawless..She was funny and full of joy..You could tell just by looking at her..She was the kind of girl every boy dreams of..One day, she asked a mutual friend for my number, and from that moment on, I've never laid eyes on another..I hated the thought of going away for a week before we got a chance to hang out for real.. What if he found another boy? What if I screwed up? I was so happy and so sad at the same time..She was too shy to hold my hand and I had to fight off the urge of reaching out and grabbing her..I didn't want to scare her away by being the one to make the first move..She started to play with my hand, maybe to try to hold it, but it never worked.
From the start she was holding me. Her arms wrapped tightly around me, hands locked and intertwined with mine, and the sureness of her was apparent. I knew it now. I knew I wasn't the only one feeling this. From that moment on, we were inseparable. It took us another week or so before we shared in our first REAL kiss. And the next day, when she walked me to my door, he asked me to be his boyfriend. ME? I was shocked! I said yes and tried to keep my cool. The SECOND I got through my front door I was jumping, squealing, screaming, dancing, and everything.

We've had amazing times together.

* We were watching the Notebook at her house and it was POURING down rain.. She knows how much I love the rain, so regardless of everything going on, we bolted out into the rain together. She tricked me though.. She picked me up and kissed me and act like she was going to just hold me..Then I laid her down in a HUGE puddle.. Except it was pointless because we ended up going right back outside and doing the exact same thing..BEST DAY OF MY LIFE..So much fun..

*Waking up after a nap at her house..
It's being a long time, and I'm crazy in love. No, I'm MADLY in love. I know this was a gift sent from God and I know she believes the same..We were both at unhappy and bad places in our live..She'd been dealt some pretty horrible cards..I was at the point where I had completely given up and felt unwanted..Happiness wasn't going to happen for me and love wasn't an option because no one seemed interested and the few that ever were.. weren't what I needed. She exceeded my expectations, still does..

Junior and a senior..And I still only have eyes for her.,I don't care how far she are..I don't care how short we've been together..When you know, you know. When things work out perfectly and you never even argue, you know you were blessed. Just because only for a while into a relationship doesn't mean anything..Love is rare..Those who find it are lucky and have to embrace it..So here I am, embracing it with everything I have..


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